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What’s so special about Mo-Ranch? For generations, Mo-Ranch has been the change—a transformational change—for so many guests that have traveled through its gates. Check out this story to see how Mo-Ranch and TPF are changing the lives of others, together.

We have exciting news! TPF is pleased to announce the launch of our new logo. You’ll see the new logo anywhere we are, including partner meetings, conferences, our website, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Come check out why we're changing to better serve you!

For over 60 years, TPF and Schreiner University have worked together to create a learning community that that is welcoming and supportive of diverse people and perspectives.Together, we have helped one woman's generous spirit impact students from California to Texas!

Second Presbyterian Church of Little Rock has grown into a vibrant, loving congregation that makes up the largest Presbyterian Church in Arkansas. They believe that God’s greatest command is to love—and it is this belief that drives their active ministry of Jesus Christ in the world.

Dr. Tulloch has spent the majority of his life making a difference in the lives of others. Whether on the basketball court or behind the pulpit, Dr. Tulloch has used the power of positive confrontation to truly touch those around him.

When the Rev. Laureen Suba was in the seventh grade, her Girl Scout troop raised enough funds from selling Thin Mints and Tagalongs for a day trip to New York City. While that fundraising activity taught her about sales, funds and profits, a more impactful lesson was about to take stage.

It can be argued that the best way to change the future is through education. And while Bill Blair, a noted philanthropist, dedicated gardener and savvy investor, was passionate about many things, he was perhaps most fervent about supporting education and creating opportunities...

When TPF Trustee Mike Murray and his wife, Mary, had extra funds available, they decided to enable the funds through one of TPF's legacy options. "Our goal initially seemed a bit complicated," he says. "Once we decided to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA), the path to achieving our goal ...