Texas Presbyterian Foundation


A lasting opportunity of giving

TPF strives to support your legacy goals, including when you want to ensure your support of your favorite charity well into the future. With TPF’s Endowments, funds are held by a charitable organization in which our donors have imposed restrictions prohibiting some or all of the fund from currently being spent. Our initial contribution requirement is $1,000 and can be created by a donor during a lifetime or as part of a will.

Benefits include:

  • Carefully stewarded and professionally managed assets
  • Funds that are created by a tax deductible donation from a donor
  • Gifts that can remain preserved in perpetuity
  • A lasting legacy of giving, created for generations to come

How it Works

  1. Make an irrevocable contribution of personal assets.

  2. The permanent endowment fund is established.

  3. The gift can remain preserved in perpetuity.

  4. Distributions are made to designated charitable organizations.