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Small Cap Equity Fund

Inception Date: October 1, 1999

TPF Small Cap Equity Fund is a blended-style portfolio of small U.S. companies allocated among managers with distinct growth, value and core strategies. The Fund seeks to invest in the next generation of “blue chips”, believing many companies with smaller capitalization have greater potential than larger companies to deliver above-average revenue and earnings growth. The Small Cap Equity Fund may have the potential to produce higher returns over time, but will experience significantly greater volatility, than a core equity portfolio, such as the TPF Large Cap Equity Fund.

Over a full market cycle, the Fund seeks to produce a total rate of return, net of expenses, which exceeds the Russell 2000 Index and is ranked above the median performance level when compared to a universe of other domestic “small cap” funds.

Net Assets: $82.4 Million
As of June 30, 2017

Fund Management

The Small Cap Equity Fund has three managers. Approximately one-third of this fund is managed by Kayne Anderson of Los Angeles, investing in small cap core holdings using a disciplined, “rising dividend” strategy with a significant quality emphasis. Another third is managed by Burgundy Asset Management of Toronto, Canada, doing “bottom up” research to find value companies at significant discounts to private market value. The remaining one-third is allocated to Disciplined Growth Investors of Minneapolis, seeking quality small cap growth companies with superior earnings growth projections.


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